New Popular Marc Anthony Song


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The world already knows the factor that Marc Anthony and Will Smith know how to have fun. Some of their legendary encounters have tousled social networks generating millions of views in just minutes and have been reflected in the media worldwide. Today Anthony and Smith announced Friday 28 September becomes a collaboration that undoubtedly will be for history.

After all high respectively on the arrival of their birthday celebrations, Marc and Will premiere “this rich starring the Puerto Rican sensation of the trap Bad Bunny. Hot music cutting and the corresponding video that without a doubt will give much of that talk comes this Friday 28th’sShow. The video and the single turn on social networks of these three stars, who have a combined power of more than 150,000,00 supporters and music lovers.

In one of these exchanges between friends Marc Anthony featuring Will Smith, “this rich” and Smith became fascinated. With this launch, one of the aspirations of Smith’s record along with Marc Anthony becomes a reality.

Puerto Rico is represented in an exclusive video filmed in Miami under the direction of Carlos Pérez to Elastic People, on August 13 where the coveted model Joan Smalls Puerto Rican and the well-known actor Luis Guzman have individual performances alongside Marc, Will and Bad Bunny.

“Will and I have always wanted to work in musical collaboration, and this theme seemed perfect for the moment where both we are creatively and the space occupied by music at the moment. Working first with Bad Bunny has also been a big surprise. “Have passed it super well and that energy is evident in both the single and video.”

“This rich” is presented in a partnership between Magnus Music, Westbrook Records, and Sony Music Entertainment.